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Frequently Asked Questions

What shall I bring along to the shoot?

Simple changes of attire are encouraged.  If on location changing accessories i.e. hats coats etc can really add a different dimension to a shoot. 

Unless a client is going for a precise theme it is vital to match your outfits without all looking identical. Sometimes one colour can be chosen and then everyone wears one small piece of that. If one person wears a totally different colour it will draw attention to that person. Patterns should be avoided particularly stripes.

It is often encouraged to contemplate wearing a long or short sleeve top, or to plan to have images taken in both.  Ladies in particular often prefer results achieved when wearing a long sleeved top.  

On family shoots snacks and favourite children toys are encouraged. It is important the parent brings along a fully stocked nappy changing bag and accounts for feeds so the child can take appropriate breaks and be as content as possible.

If your shoot has been arranged on location please plan for the weather and wear suitable footwear. Depending on your chosen location and length of shoot, it will be important to bring sunscreen and in some cases insect repellent.
How many pictures will you take?

The quantity depends on the time booked and package purchased but, be assured, as the photographer I will shoot enough images to be satisfied the images meet the original brief.

Who owns the prints?

Copyright remains Claire Frances Photography.  However, the images purchased are provided for your unrestricted use.

Will there be colour and black & white photos taken?

A mixture of both mediums will be showcased to the client.  If a client only requires one type please inform me at the time of booking.

How long will the session last?

The shoot durations are subject to the package purchased but rest assured I will continue to shoot until I am happy with the images captured in camera.

Can the session take place morning, afternoon or evening?

Simply contact me to discuss your booking requirements.  Claire Frances Photography strides to deliver a bespoke service tailored to individual needs.

Will the shoot be booked for a weekday or weekend?

The client can discuss the availability with me and my diary and a mutual decision can be made together.

Is there a premium for weekend bookings?

Weekends are the most popular times to book any photographic services and this is reflected in the price.  Weekday shoots can be planned around the clients holiday times and weekday offers are usually very popular offering off peak pricing. 

Can I buy or use gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers are available on request.  Contact me directly.

Are there additional charges involved in post-production requests?

I pride myself on getting images correct in my camera at the time of capture. This keeps editing to basic fixes and to a minimum which is included within the package prices.  Editing happens in house so I am in complete control of the quality and of my own work flow. If special or additional requirements are requested a separate quote can be issued for the extra post production time.

What is the timescale between shooting and viewing the completed online images?

With the clients permission a few images can be uploaded to social media very quickly after the completed booking. The full set of images can be uploaded to my websites secure client area in the weeks that follow.  Completion depends on my work flow at any given period of the year.  Within the terms and conditions an outline of the timescale is quoted based on the size and extent of services booked and required by the client.  

How will I view my images?

The photos are supplied within an online password protected client gallery that is accessible via the Claire Frances Photography website.  Images are shot in raw format and converted to jpegs.

How long will all the images on the private client gallery be available to view? Is there a time limit to select my images?

Galleries are usually online to view for a minimum of 4 weeks.

All Images are backed up and archived for return customers and future additional purchases.

Claire Frances and appointed agents reserve the right to use images for business promotional and portfolio purposes.

Will my online gallery be modified to my selected choices?

This can be requested for bigger events when the number of images exceeds 400 in quantity.

How long does it take to produce an album?

It depends on the package you have purchased. I will provide samples and examples to help you select your perfect product package.  

The way the images sit within an album or media format is vital to the storytelling.  Special time and care is taken in this process to ensure a good layout from start to finish.   The amount of work here is intensive as every album requires time for drafting, production and final delivery.

Do you sell and print photographs on site?

The website allows guests to purchase photos online by adding them to their shopping cart.

How far in advance can I secure the photographers services?

I recommend a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks in advance of the desired day of shooting.  For events and weekend shoots please book as soon as you have your date confirmed.  Some bookings are taken a year in advance.  

If you would like a shoot at shorter notice always make an enquiry...sometimes if the weather is good or a special moment crops up in your life unexpectedly that you would like covered  its worth getting in touch to check my diary and I will try to accommodate you.

What is a Photographers Attendance Fee?

This only applies to some products and services.  If you have seen this in the Pricing Tab use the Contact Me Tab for a quote.

What is the cancellation period?

Each Client will sign a set of terms and conditions that support and protect both parties.  Ideally I am informed by the client at the earliest opportunity.  Every endeavour will be made to reschedule the shoot to resume within a reasonable period of time.    

What deposits are required?

All deposits are relative to the work commissioned and are clearly outlined in the package prices and terms and conditions.

Are you insured?

I am fully insured with public liability and indemnity insurance.  Spare equipment is carried on the day as a backup for any eventuality. 

Does the Photographer hold a CRB check?

Yes I hold a CRB Check.

Bump To Baby Sessions

Tips For Parents

Newborn photography is challenging and requires a great deal of patience but it is heaped in rewards of those precious early images of your newborn.

A booking form and contractual documents will be signed prior to your session starting. Claire Frances is insured and works to the highest safety standards.

Baby and child safety are of the upmost importance.  Your child is the most precious thing in your life so baby comes first!  A  photo can always be recomposed if necessary and retaken.  You will be in a safe environment.  In most cases Mum or Dad will be a spotter within arms reach of the baby or child and on short lenses I am never far away.  The baby or child will never be left unattended.  

Ideally a package and session is booked before the mum is due to give birth, I will get in touch a week before the due date just to check in with you and see how you are doing. This makes it a little easier to get a session in the diary and booked within the first five to ten days of life. Newborns sleep a lot more in these early days and therefore they remain more settled. I realise this is a delicate period of time for mum and baby but it is a small window of opportunity that can really be worthwhile.

Claire Frances offers Newborn Package, Bump to Baby Package and a When We Were Young Lifestyle Shoot . The Newborn Package is particularly perfect if the first session is solely centred around a solo image of your baby. On the baby solo shoots the parents are encouraged to relax and enjoy the session. Newborns are fragile and precious and the first priority will be for your baby to be safe and comfortable.

Clients should know what to expect from my website portfolio. I will photograph your baby in natural positions. There will be no challenging poses.

There are a range of bowls, posing cushions & baskets that vary in size which can be used.

There is a posing bowl suitable for twin or a baby up to 12 weeks old.  The furs are very tactile and the bowls are custom made with no sharp or dangerous edges.  Special photography cushions are also used so your baby remains safe and comfortable.

Great thought and care is taken when chosing the order of images recorded, when changing set up it is aspired to use the least amount of movement so that the baby can remain asleep as long as possible.  If your baby is awake the photos can still take place in a relaxed environment.

Every mum is the best judge of her own baby but I have put some guidelines together to help a successful session:


The preparations are most important form both parties to ensure a smooth session Please feel free to bring:

A Favourite Toy

A Change of Outfit

A Special Blanket

Novelty Hats

Mothers who are nursing should try and avoid any foods that may upset the babies tummy 24 hours prior to the shoot. If you can plan to feed the baby before the session starts, just before and during set up time if I am visiting your home.

If possible try and keep the baby awake 1-2 hours before the shoot in order to get the baby to sleep during the shoot.  This will help to minimise the time soothing during the session, however, baby comes first and this is just a guide to help the session go as seamlessly as possible for all of us!

Try and avoid clothes that require pulling over the babies head. Loose clothing is best to avoid marking the babies skin.

If you use a pacifier bring it along to the session. Please bring along a well prepared nappy bag, feeds and snacks and an activity for the accompanying siblings. On your booking form additional siblings should be listed so the photographer is aware they will be coming along.  Ideally siblings will attend with an additional adult/carer.

The room should be at a warm temperature. Bring a favourite blanket along to ensure your baby is comfortable.  You may wish to use your own blanket within the photos.

If you have travelled to the photograph session location if possible keep the baby in the removable car seat. Once siblings have been photographed it is often a good idea to have a spouse or relative come along to take them to a separate room or place to play afterwards so the attention can switch back to the remaining images.

New parents can book a session after the birth of their little one and Claire Frances will do her best to arrange the nearest opportunity to photograph you at your convenience.

Headshot Sessions

Tips for Headshots

If you choose the Pop Up Studio I can set up in your working space to provide you with consistent high quality commercially viable images that reflect your brand, organisation and your team.

For portfolio shoots these can be taken outdoors in your chosen location or studio hire can be arranged at additional costs.

Images can be used for Websites, Employers, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Creatives, Musicians, Portfolios, Branding, Advertising, Press Releases, Social Media and Linkedin.  The possibilities are endless.


I want to deliver you a fantastic set of images that represent you in a flattering way that reflects your personality and convinces others to take you seriously.  Prior to booking ask yourself in advance what you want to convey  with your headshot for your portfolio or business organisation.

At the time of booking please inform the photographer of any required business deadlines you aspire to meet.

Please take time to consider your budget so you can enjoy lots of the final images.

Please give some thought to what you or your team will wear.  Within  a office environment I would encourage ironed and  pressed shirts with solid colours (neutrals, soft blues, browns work well) Also, please avoid complicated patterns on the day.

Often it flows well when you start with a shirt on the shoot and add layers during the shoot for alternative looks (ie. Jumper, tie, Jacket or blazer)

Ideally a light background with light clothing for high key images and dark backgrounds with dark clothing for mid to low key images.

Avoid white shirts without something covering it such as a jumper or blazer.

Consider providing your colleagues with a Lint Brush or Roller.

Aim to smile in some images and remain more serious in others.

Body language and posture will be important on the day.  If you have a preferred side please communicate this at capture time.

If you are a small business or a big corporation predetermine some room if you choose the pop up studio that is near power points and ideally near lifts or on the ground floor.

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