Claire Frances Photography

Hello, I'm Claire Frances a Lifestyle Portrait Photographer situated in leafy green Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire.

I have four main loves in my life... family,  friends, photography and sport.

As a child I started with a toy camera.  It had no film but the pictures I took were recorded in my imagination.  I moved onto many junior cameras in my childhood until at sixteen my Saturday job allowed me to save up enough wages to buy my own Film Canon DSLR with interchangeable lenses.  It was the start of a incredible journey of imagery.  Since then purchasing and researching the latest, best top quality professional kit  has been a passion!  

I love what I do so it  is most important to me that my clients and subjects enjoy being photographed.  I like to offer an initial consultation which helps to build a rapport and to discuss your brief.

There is nothing better than a candid image that captures the person in their truest form.

I aspire to photograph authentic genuine feelings, emotions and character in real life events.  

Feel assured pictures can be taken in a natural informal atmosphere which helps to put the client at ease.  It can be in your home or out on location in a special place or at a planned event that is personal to you.  

Looking after the client before, during and after the shoot is of primary importance.  I pride myself on listening, communicating and  preparing thoroughly. I take precautions to back up work and manage my clients expectations.

You can expect an attentive service yet feel as though your photographer is unobtrusive.  We are all unique individuals and different people or situations sometimes require a modified approach.  I strive to achieve this by creating a relaxed atmosphere but remain professional in nature.

All you have to do is be you.

Turning captured moments into everlasting memories serve as a reminder to all of us of those happy special times where the pictures can retell the story time and time again.

Pictures deserve to be printed and published.  Those printed and framed are forever a symbol of heritage that are easily found and displayed to all.

Claire Frances can also arrange your images to tell your story so they can be shared and presented in their true beauty in an everlasting bespoke album or media format that can be cherished forever.

Claire Frances works hard to achieve an efficient turn around post production adding to your positive photographic experience.  

Get in touch, I would love to discuss your brief and work with you!

Don't forget to connect with me through my social media platform it allows me to engage and nurture my existing fans while expanding into new audiences!

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